Executive Board Meetings

PTA executive board meetings are held each month during the school year. They provide an opportunity for officers and chairpersons to share ideas, provide updates and oversee the management of a PTA.

The meetings are also a unique forum for board members to carry out their collective responsibility to:

  • Monitor financial and membership reports
  • Authorize the payment of bills within the limits of the unit’s budget
  • Approve Minutes from the previous meeting
  • Create committees as needed
  • Fill vacancies on the board during the term
  • Ensure that adopted budgets, audits and required reports are sent to the council, if in council, and district PTA
  • Ensure that tax and government filings are submitted each year by the due dates

Developing goals and plans for PTA programs and events that meet the interests and needs of a school community are some additional activities that take place at board meetings.

Successful Board Members

Successful board members are team players who value cooperation, collaboration and communication. They are most effective when they:

  • Operate with integrity, civility and trust
  • Communicate a common vision
  • Practice inclusion and welcome diversity
  • Appreciate differences in work styles and perspectives
  • Participate in training and mentoring
  • Identify community needs and interests
  • Maintain the confidentiality of board discussions

By working together as a team, a PTA board can make a difference on campus and in a community.

More information on the roles and duties of the executive board is available in the “Guide to Executive Leadership” under “Planning and Organizing” in this chapter of the Toolkit.

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