Contacting Nominees

The main task of the nominating committee is to identify and contact potential nominees to serve on the executive board next term. This may involve recruiting likely candidates or, for some PTAs, evaluating applications from members.

Following up with an interview to help assess if a candidate is a good fit for a position and is willing to serve, if nominated, is also an important part of the process.

When talking to potential, candidates for a PTA office, committee members should be prepared to provide:

  • Information on the duties of the board position
  • Details on expectations and time commitments for a board member, including for meetings and training
  • The same set of questions for each candidate for a specific office

Before placing a name in nomination, the consent of each nominee is required.

If the nominating committee is unable to find a candidate for a specific office, it is best to leave the office vacant. After the election, the board-elect may fill any vacant positions as outlined in the Bylaws.

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