Contacting Nominees

It is not advisable to talk a reluctant individual into accepting a nomination.

Consent of each nominee should be obtained, while the committee is in session, in order to place the name in nomination. If consent cannot be obtained during the meeting, the chairman will inform the committee members of the results of contacts made outside of the committee meetings.

Nominees should be given a clear indication of the responsibilities of the office and how much time may be involved. If requested, a printed job description can be provided (Recommended Officers). Individuals considering accepting nomination to an elected office should be advised that responsibilities of the office includes attendance at leadership training meetings, workshops, and/or the California State PTA annual convention.

In the event that no qualified candidate can be found for a particular office, it is better to leave the office vacant than to fill it with a person not able to do the job. After the election, the board-elect fills any vacant positions according to the unit bylaws.

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