Selecting Nominees

Selecting Nominees – Did You Know That Nominees …?

  • Must be a PTA member at least 30 days before nomination to be eligible for election
  • Support the mission, purposes and principles of PTA
  • Commit adequate time and effort to carry out duties, as a team player, if elected
  • May be a student as students can serve in any elected position on a PTA/PTSA board
  • Appreciate the value of training and learning more about PTA board responsibilities if elected

Keep in mind, too, that every PTA position has a term limit as stated in the Bylaws. This helps to maintain the health of a PTA by expanding leadership capacity and outreach.

That’s why no member is eligible for the same PTA office for more than two, consecutive one-year terms on a unit board. And, during a PTA term, no member may hold more than one elected or appointed position.

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