Guide to Executive Leadership

In order to remain in “good standing,” an association must be composed of not less than fifteen (15) members, of whom at least three (3) must serve in the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer (Recommended Officers). Other items constitute “good standing.” Refer to unit bylaws.

Depending upon the size of the unit, committees may be helpful to the board in conducting its work (Committee Development and Guidelines).

True leadership isn’t about leading followers; it’s really about building new leaders.

Responsibilities of a leader:

  • Listen
  • Participate
  • Allow others to participate
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Develop a team spirit
  • Be positive
  • Be a problem solver
  • Treat all people fairly
  • Reward efforts

“With strong leadership, PTA will have the competent, committed members necessary to be effective advocates for children and youth.”

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