Guide to Executive Leadership

As a member of a PTA executive board, you oversee plans, events and activities that make a difference in your community. That’s why knowing more about the structure of a board and how it operates as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization will help you run your PTA more effectively.

Did You Know …?

To remain in “good standing” as a PTA, a unit must:

  • Adhere to the purposes and basic policies of National PTA and California State PTA
  • Have three (3) required, elected officers: president, secretary and treasurer
  • Remit per capita dues for a minimum of fifteen (15) members annually by the due date
  • Pay Insurance premiums annually to California State PTA by the due date
  • Have Bylaws approved according to California State PTA procedures
  • Comply with legal filing requirements of state and federal agencies
  • Meet other criteria prescribed by California State PTA

(See: PTA Unit Bylaws, Article IX, Sections 1, 2)

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