The recording secretary is elected and is one of the three officers required for a PTA/PTSA. The secretarial responsibilities may be assigned to one person or divided between a recording secretary and a corresponding secretary as specified in the bylaws. If there is no corresponding secretary, the duties of the corresponding secretary may be combined with the duties of the recording secretary, in accordance with the bylaws. In addition to the bylaws, the duties of a secretary are discussed in the California State PTA Toolkit, the National PTA Quick-Reference Guide (available from the PTA president), and Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

Corresponding Secretary
Responsibilities of the corresponding secretary are defined in the bylaws and include other related duties that the president or executive board may assign.

For details on the responsibilities of the Secretary and Corresponding Secretary at the unit, council, and district PTA levels, see “Job Description for Secretary”.

Running Your PTA, California State PTA Toolkit
Quick-Reference Guide
, National PTA
Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised

For more information on minutes, contact the California State PTA Secretary at or 916.440.1985 ext. 308

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