Tips for success

Try to match the abilities of the individual with the requirements of the task.

Assign (with courteous determination) a relatively small task that guarantees the potential for success.

Define a “reachable goal,” the attainment of which can be shared with others.

Be generous in praise and acknowledgment. Expressing appreciation helps pave the way for delegating future responsibilities.

Avoid overwhelming association and committee members.

Communicate clearly. Be clear about the assignment and what is expected. If the leader appoints someone to cover a meeting, upon returning from the meeting, the person should do one or more of the following at the president’s direction:

  • Write and submit a written report.
  • Report orally to the group.
  • Write a newsletter article, if asked by the president or chairman.

Follow-up. This is the most important part of delegation. Make the request for periodic reports part of the project. If time passes and the leader has not been informed directly, use direct contact.

Due Dates. Be realistic in setting the dates for action required. Remember that people work at different paces. Establish expectations—and make them apparent; however, do recognize that PTA is not the top priority in everyone’s life.
Share the concept that those who neglect meeting due dates create a “domino effect” upon everyone down the line. Gently emphasize the personal responsibility involved.

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