Statewide and Federal Issues

When considering advocacy on a statewide or federal issue at the local level, the first step is to determine if California State PTA or National PTA has considered the issue and whether or not either has a position. If not, research the issue and know the pros and cons. Identify the bill number, title and sponsor(s), or the number and name of the ballot measure. Remember to personalize the issue by preparing arguments on how the bill or ballot measure will affect your local community.

Know the different groups that support and oppose PTA’s position on the issue. Be an information resource and have available the following:

  • Fact sheets that include background on the issue;
  • A summary of the legislative proposal;
  • An analysis of the bill;
  • Facts and statistics that support PTA’s position; and
  • Surveys or opinion polls of PTA members.

Some of this information may be available through the office of the legislator sponsoring the legislation. In the case of a statewide ballot measure on which California State PTA has taken a position, California State PTA will provide an analysis of the measure, including both pro and con arguments, and resources for further study. The California State PTA legislation team is available to consult with members on legislation and/or ballot measure issues.

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