Arts in Education

Adopted March 1985 – Reviewed and deemed relevant April 2022 – Education Commission

California State PTA believes visual and performing arts should be a basic and integral part of a balanced curriculum for all students.

California State PTA believes the visual and performing arts can:

  • Enhance students’ academic performance in all curricular areas;
  • Teach a common core of knowledge that will encourage students to appreciate human history and cultures;
  • Enable students to develop higher order thinking skills;
  • Enable students to discover and to express their own creativity; and
  • Help students to develop a life-long appreciation of the arts.

California State PTA believes a quality arts program should be:

  • Structured, sequential, and standards based;
  • Offered as an integral part of the regularly scheduled instructional program K-12;
  • Taught by qualified teachers who have received appropriate training and in-service programs;
  • Enhanced by specialists in the arts who lend their expertise to the arts program;
  • Provided to students in facilities specially designed for arts programs;
  • Supported by high quality materials and resources;
  • An opportunity to explore careers in the arts; and
  • A high school graduation requirement.
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