Education: Parental Choice In Public Schools

Adopted January 1989 – Reviewed and deemed relevant May 2021 – Education Commission

California State PTA believes it is important for parents, educators, and community members to acknowledge that no one educational program is best for all students. Schools and parents together must address the different ways students learn and how the public school system can provide the best education for all students. PTA supports public education, and has historically opposed and continues to oppose any tuition tax credit system or voucher that would allow public funds to flow to private/parochial schools.

PTA supports parental choice within the public school system. Parental choice may be defined as giving parents the right to select their children’s schools from among a range of possible options. California State PTA believes options can be created within the public school system. PTAs should work with their local school districts in seeking creative ways of providing alternative programs. PTA believes that parental choice should be based on the educational needs of individual students with consideration for the child care needs of families.

Any system of “choice” supported by California State PTA must meet the following criteria:

  • Availability of adequate and objective information, in a variety of languages as needed, about all public schools so that parents can make informed decisions about their children’s schooling;
  • Student admission is based on a fair, equitable and timely process at all schools;
  • Equal access to educational opportunities including standards based curriculum and instruction, and high expectations for student achievement;
  • Racial/ethnic/socioeconomic diversity of receiving or sending schools/school districts must be considered and maintained; and
  • Parents have opportunities for meaningful involvement in their children’s schools.

PTA encourages parents to work with their school districts to develop enriching educational opportunities and instructional programs for all students.

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