Fair Housing

Adopted May 1981 – Reviewed and deemed relevant November 2020 – Health & Community Concerns Commission

California State PTA believes:

  • All families need to have access to safe and affordable housing;
  • There is necessity for enactment and enforcement of laws to end discrimination in the marketing, sale and/or rental of housing;
  • Encouragement should be given to the formation of broadly based community action groups to promote citizen understanding of housing issues and involvement in advocating programs that will meet the housing needs in their communities; and
  • Encouragement should be given to the development of rental and individually owned homes for low- and moderate-income families and that such housing should not be isolated within local communities.

PTAs should encourage city councils, county boards of supervisors, and city and county housing authorities to

  • Adopt and implement balanced community policies that stipulate a mix of housing types as well as provisions for the development of housing for low- and moderate-income families;
  • Develop and implement programs utilizing all available funding sources to provide rental and individually owned single- and multi-family housing for low- and moderate-income families.
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