Family Services

Adopted May 1966 – Reviewed and deemed relevant November 2017 – Community Concerns Commission

California State PTA believes that children should not be deprived or penalized because of the family situation in which they live.

California State PTA supports:

  • Coordination of health, welfare and educational services to meet family needs;
  • Programs that provide education and training to enhance parenting skills to meet the needs of individual families;
  • Services that enable children with special needs to take advantage of all educational opportunities;
  • Services for children whose parents are incapacitated or temporarily absent from the home, who have been separated from their families;
  • Programs and services for individuals and families who are touched by the juvenile justice and foster care systems; and
  • Full funding for mandated programs.

California State PTA believes every child has the right to be provided the opportunity to become a self-respecting, contributing member of society.

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