Freedom to Learn

Adopted January 1966 – Reviewed and deemed relevant April 2022 – Education Commission

In a free society, public schools, universities, colleges and libraries exist, in part, for the development and exchange of ideas. California State PTA believes these institutions can accomplish this objective only by assuming their responsibility to provide opportunities for each individual to rid himself of the bonds of ignorance and the restrictions of prejudice, without intimidation.

California State PTA believes:

  • Schools and colleges should offer a wide range of learning experiences appropriate to the student’s intellectual, physical and emotional maturity;
  • Libraries, technology and all other types of instructional resources should be adequate in quality and quantity to provide for scholarly research;
  • An educational environment should stimulate full investigation of all aspects of a subject with freedom of inquiry and freedom of discussion;
  • Full opportunity should be provided for each individual to determine his own opinions.

PTA is concerned that the development of positive attitudes and deep understanding be based on factual information and fundamental concepts. Education should be free from the kinds of emotional pressures which tend to restrict freedom of reason and choice.

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