Homeless Families/Children

Adopted July 1988 – Reviewed and deemed relevant March 2012 – Community Concerns Commission

California State PTA believes:

  • All children should have access to safe and affordable housing;
  • Shelters should be provided for homeless families and their children regardless of age;
  • Government agencies and private enterprise should be encouraged to offer education and retraining programs to help families develop the skills to secure employment that will enable the family to be self-sufficient; and
  • Aid should be given to homeless families in securing low-cost housing in the community and in keeping the family intact.

PTAs should encourage city councils, county boards of supervisors, city and county housing authorities, local schools, county offices of education and other local agencies to cooperate in:

  • Ensuring that all children have the opportunity to attend school;
  • Developing and implementing programs and shelters for the homeless;
  • Helping families to secure affordable housing; and
  • Offering educational and retraining programs for homeless parents.
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