Resolutions Process

New business (other than amendments to bylaws or the Legislation Program) is brought before the convention through the resolutions process.

When adopted by the California State PTA convention delegates, a resolution becomes an official PTA position which provides authority and direction for action by California State PTA and its constituent associations. A new resolution in conflict with one already adopted shall not be introduced, unless the former resolution is first rescinded. If the motion to rescind is adopted but the new resolution is defeated, the convention delegates shall be given an opportunity to readopt the previously rescinded resolution by majority vote.

Resolutions remain in effect as current positions for at least 10 years, unless they are rescinded or replaced by a newer version by convention delegates or designated as historical record by the California State PTA Board of Managers.

Resolutions are designated as historical record when one or more of these are true:

  1. The intent has been fully carried out.
  2. The same subject has been expanded or updated by other resolutions.
  3. It is no longer appropriate to PTA concerns.
  4. It was applicable only to a specific past program, event or circumstance.

Resolutions adopted more than ten years earlier may be designated as historical if they have not been resubmitted to convention delegates or reviewed and deemed relevant as a current position by the California State PTA Board of Managers. A vote by the Board of Managers must be taken to rescind resolutions or to designate resolutions to the historical record.

Criteria for Resolutions

Each resolution submitted to California State PTA for consideration and possible action by convention delegates shall meet the following criteria:

  1. Concern a field of interest of California State PTA;
  2. Be in harmony with the Purposes and basic policies of the PTA;
  3. Concern a matter which is statewide in scope;
  4. Be accompanied by resource material which validates the statewide concern and “whereas” statements (Where We Stand: Resolutions, Position Statements);
  5. Include a brief summary, table of contents, bibliography and index listing the resources to validate each whereas; and
  6. Be written in appropriate resolution format and submitted in accordance with all specifications set by the California State PTA Board of Managers.

Submitting Resolutions

For important information on writing and submitting a resolution, refer to the California State PTA publication “Procedure for Preparing a PTA Resolution“. This document may be obtained on the California State PTA website (, or upon request to the California State PTA office by telephone, or via email to

A resolution should be submitted only by association vote of a PTA unit, council, or district in good standing; by a PTA inter-district committee with the approval of the majority of districts concerned; or by the California State PTA Board of Managers.

Reminder: A resolution being carried forward from a previous PTA administration must be reviewed and deemed relevant by the current administration or voting body of the PTA association.

Any unit, council or district PTA planning to prepare a resolution for convention must submit a draft resolution, background summary, and initial list of resources to the California State PTA office no later than 5:00 p.m. on November 1. DRAFT resolution materials may be delivered, faxed or emailed and must be submitted with the  Resolution Action Cover Sheet. Approvals through channels are not required at this stage.

FINAL Resolutions from unit, council, district, and inter-district PTA committees must be received in the California State PTA office no later than 5:00 p.m. January 5 * with the completed Resolution Action Cover Sheet. The originator’s FINAL resolution shall be transmitted through channels (Lines of Communication) for action at each level. The maker of the resolution is responsible for ensuring the FINAL resolution documents and a binder of substantiating research are submitted in written and electronic form to the California State PTA office by the deadline with the appropriate signatures.

* The submittal will be accepted on the next business day for any deadline which falls on a holiday or weekend.

Council and/or district PTAs’ executive board(s) shall review a FINAL resolution submitted by the original PTA body and shall upon review promptly take action to approve, disapprove, or choose no recommendations. This action shall be recorded on the resolution’s action cover sheet. Disapproval or lack of recommendation does not prevent the originating body from submitting a resolution to California State PTA.

The resolution maker may optionally submit the resolution to other PTA units, councils and districts for additional endorsement. Endorsement must be approved by that PTA’s executive board.

The Board of Managers should meet the same deadline for submitting resolutions as other PTA bodies; however, the California State PTA Board of Managers may find it necessary to present new business which is developed after the due date to convention delegates.

California State PTA Resolutions Committee Review and Recommendation

The Resolutions Committee shall meet after the January 5 deadline and before the next Board of Managers meeting to review and evaluate the resolutions submitted. The Resolutions Committee may edit or adapt resolutions as necessary to make them appropriate for convention action without changing the intent. The committee will review such changes with resolution makers prior to finalizing.

The Resolutions Committee will prepare a report for the California State PTA Board of Managers explaining the recommended disposition of all resolutions submitted.

The Resolutions Committee’s possible recommendations include:

  • to refer a resolution to convention delegates;
  • to refer a resolution to a California State PTA Board of Managers commission or committee for information or study;
  • to combine two or more related resolutions;
  • to return a resolution to the originating body with a written explanation of the reason(s) for the decision; or
  • to refer a resolution to National PTA.

The California State PTA Board of Managers shall review the recommendations of the Resolutions Committee and decide which resolutions will be placed on the convention agenda as action items. Placement on the convention agenda by the California State PTA Board of Managers does not constitute endorsement by California State PTA. The California State PTA Board of Managers may endorse a resolution by following appropriate motion protocols.

The Resolutions Committee chair is responsible for reporting promptly to the originating PTA groups the disposition of the resolutions submitted.

Resolutions recommended for presentation to delegates at convention shall include a brief summary of background information and will indicate all actions taken by other PTAs.

Presentation of Resolutions at Convention

California State PTA shall publish the text of each resolution in the Convention Chronicle with the CALL to convention. Resolutions shall also be emailed through channels, and the proposed resolutions shall be placed in the convention section of the California State PTA website.

Prior to convention, units, councils and districts are encouraged to review, discuss and vote on the resolutions to guide delegate action at convention. Delegates should be aware that a resolution could be changed at convention.

Resolutions will be presented to convention delegates for debate and vote in accordance with convention rules and regulations. Resolutions for consideration at convention will be formatted as presented and provided to all delegates. The Resolutions Committee chair shall present each resolution to convention delegates for consideration.

Time will be allocated at the state convention for delegate hearings on resolutions. Voting delegates are strongly encouraged to attend resolution hearings to ask questions or  to prepare amendments.

Resolutions which have not been through the approval process may not be introduced from the convention floor.

Emergency Resolutions

Provision is made for submitting an emergency resolution, if the urgency of the subject matter arose after the January 5 deadline.

  • Emergency resolutions must conform to the same criteria required for all other resolutions.
  • Emergency resolutions submitted by a PTA district, council, or unit shall have the approval of the originating body and the signature of the president of those constituent PTA associations (unit, council or district PTAs) through which it is transmitted to California State PTA.
  • Emergency resolutions, accompanied by verification of the urgency of the subject matter, must be submitted to the Resolutions Committee for review and approved for consideration at the convention by the California State PTA Board of Directors.

Action Following Convention

Resolutions adopted by the delegates at convention shall constitute a directive to the California State PTA Board of Managers. Resolutions shall be assigned to the appropriate commission(s) or committee(s) or to the president of California State PTA for implementation or for preparation of guidelines for further action. The commission(s), committee(s), or the president shall be requested to give these resolutions priority consideration.

The Resolutions Committee (or committee task force) shall review all adopted resolutions which are to be forwarded to the National PTA convention to ensure the resolutions meet National PTA criteria.

If delegates vote to refer a resolution to the Board of Managers, the resolutions chair shall assign it to the appropriate commission(s) or committee(s) of California State PTA for study and/or action. Any resolution not acted upon by convention delegates shall be returned to the Resolutions Committee. The Board of Managers will determine the disposition of the resolution upon receiving a recommendation from the Resolutions Committee.

A report on the implementation of the resolutions shall be given to the delegates at the next annual convention.

 To find PTA Resolutions refer to:

For additional information on the resolution process, contact the California State PTA Resolutions Chair at or 916.440.1985 ext. 324

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