The treasurer should ensure that all board members, especially the fundraising chairman and membership chairman, have a plan to properly control the receipt of funds and to count all monies. With all sources of incoming revenue, PTA members must follow PTA financial procedures. Establish controls for any fundraiser or membership campaign using the basic principles of proper money handling (see Handling PTA Funds). Plan ahead!

When a check is received as payment, no pre-numbered, multipart copy receipt is needed. A check is considered appropriate documentation.

When receiving cash, a pre-numbered, multipart receipt book should be used to issue a receipt for:

  • Spirit wear sales – issue receipts for cash and checks (receipts help with inventory control)
  • Cash donation – also send a thank you letter (see Providing Documentation to Donors)

Receipts are not required for the following:

  • Membership table, membership envelope, membership form (the membership card is a receipt)
  • Gift-wrap sales
  • Carnival ticket sales (member receives a ticket)
  • Raffle ticket sales (member receives a ticket)
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