Funds Not Belonging to the Unit

Council, district, State, and National PTA portions of membership dues and the Founders Day freewill offering are not a part of the unit’s funds to be used for expenses. They should not be included in the annual budget as receipts for budget planning purposes. They also are not included in the gross receipts when reporting to the IRS (Gross Receipts). These funds can be paid without the authorization of the membership. Such funds should be forwarded through channels immediately. Council or district PTA remittance forms must be issued to ensure proper allocation of funds from the unit.

All disbursement of funds not belonging to the unit must be recorded in the next treasurer’s report and payment reported to the association. Council and district PTAs set their own dates far enough in advance of California State PTA due dates to have sufficient time for such pass-through funds to be received by the California State PTA office (Budget Sample).

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