Financial Officers

Financial officers are elected to manage the fiscal operations of the unit, council and district PTA. These officers include a treasurer (required) and a financial secretary (optional). All unit, council and district PTAs are required to have a financial reviewer who may be elected, appointed, or hired in accordance with bylaws. Job duties are detailed in the PTA bylaws, standing rules and job descriptions – consult these for further information.

Upon assuming office, the incoming treasurer obtains the following from the outgoing treasurer: all PTA-owned supplies, ledger, checkbook, tax records, backup copy and the master copy of the accounting program if the books are maintained on a computer, and all other treasurer materials including the procedure book from the previous office holder. Additional records may be obtained from the bank and supplies can be purchased from the California State PTA store. The new treasurer must also contact the bank and arrange for new signature cards for checking and savings accounts to be filed. Banks require minutes of the election meeting recording names of new officers. The incoming treasurer should contact the PTA’s bank to determine what records are needed and the specific process required to change signers.

The items listed above are necessary for the financial operation of the association. When a new unit is established, the treasurer should request assistance from council or district PTA in obtaining them.

The outgoing treasurer cannot pay bills after the books are closed for financial review or after the term has ended. Books being financially reviewed may not be available immediately. California State PTA recommends that if the financial review is not completed within two (2) weeks after the end of the term of office, the president may appoint a committee to immediately review the books. The same time frame must be followed for the semiannual financial review. Upon assuming office, the incoming treasurer may pay authorized bills and deposit funds in the PTA bank account before the financial review is completed but should avoid paying new bills if possible until the review is complete.

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