Treasurer Duties

Keep permanent books of account and records that shall be sufficient to establish the association’s gross income, receipts and disbursements of the association, including specifically the number of members, the dues collected from the members and amount of dues remitted through channels to California State PTA. Such books of account and records shall at all reasonable times be open to inspection by an authorized representative of California State PTA.

Chair the budget committee and prepare the budget for adoption by the association (Developing the Budget).

Contact the bank to update all checking and savings account signature cards on file with the bank immediately upon taking office.

Receive all monies from the financial secretary or from other volunteers counting monies received. (The person turning monies over to the treasurer shall keep a copy of the Cash Verification Form signed by the treasurer.)

Deposit all monies immediately in the name of the association in a bank approved by the executive board.

Receive and retain a copy of the deposit slip for any deposit made.

Pay all bills as authorized by the executive board or the association upon receipt of payment authorization signed by the recording secretary and the president.

Secure two signatures on all checks. Including the president and treasurer, any two elected officers are authorized to sign, with the exception of the secretary and financial reviewer. The authorized signers shall not be related by blood or marriage or reside in the same household. Refer to bylaws to determine who is authorized within the unit, council or district PTA.

Maintain checkbook register(s) showing all transactions as they occur, so that account balances shown are current.

Keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements in a ledger, which is a permanent record of the PTA (Records Retention Schedule).

Reconcile bank statements with the ledger monthly. Ensure that statements and reconciliations are reviewed and signed monthly by a non-check signer.

Keep the membership informed of expenditures as they relate to the budget adopted by the association.

Remit all council, district, State and National portions of per capita dues monthly to the financial officer of the council/district (Unit Remittance Form; Membership Dues). Care should be made in calculating membership per capita forwarded through channels; once submitted, the funds are non-refundable and will not be credited for a future year. No remittance is made for memberships received through the California State PTA E-membership program.

Prepare and present a Treasurer’s Report at every meeting of the association and executive board and at other times when requested by the association.

Complete all necessary report forms required by California State PTA for insurance, and file all tax returns and other forms required by government agencies (Tax Requirements) and upload same to MyPTEZ.

Present a year-end Annual Financial Report to the association that includes gross receipts and disbursements for the year.

Prepare a comparative budget versus actual revenues and expenditures report at least quarterly.

Upload adopted budgets, annual financial reports, financial review reports (including financial review checklists and recommendations), and tax returns to the document retention system.

Maintain continuous and direct communication with the president regarding finances. Advise board members of the status of the treasury and their individual budgets.

Budget for proposed programs with information provided by the program committee chairman.

Be aware of due dates for all financial transactions.

Attend the California State PTA convention finance workshops.

Attend council and district PTA workshops and trainings, when scheduled.

If the PTA has a bulk mail permit, verify funds are maintained in the account.

Assist auditor to become familiar with the record-keeping system.

Use a ledger  to track association receipts and disbursements.

For more information on Treasurer’s Duties, see the Job Descriptions Chapter of the Toolkit.

Advise all board members of the date the books will close for financial review so that they can turn in all outstanding expenses before that date.

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