Sample Financial Calendar of Activities

(Year-round PTAs adapt accordingly)


President-elect appoints the budget committee to develop the budget based on proposed PTA programs for the upcoming year.

Treasurer-elect chairs budget committee.

Board-elect adopts preliminary budget.


Present proposed budget for adoption to the current executive board and the membership at the last PTA meeting of the year.

Association approves and releases any funds required prior to the next association meeting in the fall. This allows the board-elect the ability to cover routine summer expenses as outlined in the bylaws.


Re-present budget to association for adoption at its first meeting. Release any funds required prior to the next association meeting.

Present financial review and year-end Annual Financial Report to association. Upload copies of all documents to the document retention system.

Send the first remittance of per capita dues through PTA channels. Send dues as received and at least monthly thereafter. No remittance for E-membership dues.

Through channels: The route of formal communications through the PTA. Typically from unit to council, council to district PTA, district PTA to California State PTA.


Confirm tax forms for prior fiscal year are filed as required with copies forwarded to council or district as directed (Tax Requirements) and uploaded to MyPTEZ. (Contact District PTA for assistance if needed.)

Remit payment for insurance directly to AIM, the California State PTA insurance broker, via the online portal by December 20, or a late fee of $25 will be assessed by California State PTA.


Send per capita dues through channels. Send dues as received and at least monthly thereafter. No remittance for E-membership dues.

Balance membership totals with council and district membership reports.

Prepare books and financial records for the midyear audit.


Submit books and financial records for mid-year financial review, as specified in the bylaws.

Present budget versus actual report to the executive board and association and revise budget if necessary.

Ensure that Workers’ Compensation form and additional premium, if required, have been submitted to AIM by the appropriate due dates.


Send Founders Day freewill offering through channels to district PTA, when collected. The event may be held during a month other than February.


Ensure all per capita dues have been forwarded through channels. No remittance for E-membership dues.

Register for convention.


Issue convention checks for authorized expenditures for elected delegates, if necessary.

Begin transitioning with newly elected financial officers.


Attend workshops for financial officers, when offered.

Submit books and financial records to outgoing financial reviewer for end-of-term financial review, as stipulated in the bylaws (after close of fiscal year).

Give financial records and materials to the incoming financial officer (except those in financial review).

Assist incoming officers with changing authorized signers at the bank as needed. The treasurer-elect should contact the bank to determine the requirements for changing authorized signers.

Prepare Annual Financial Report that reflects the fiscal year. Prepare and file tax returns (end of fiscal year) and upload to MyPTEZ. The fiscal year is listed in the bylaws and on previous tax returns. The recommended fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.

Ensure all per capita dues have been forwarded through channels so that there are no financial review exceptions. No remittance for E-membership dues.

Other pertinent dates should be added (or adjusted) to the calendar to meet time frames specific to each PTA and fiscal year.

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