Computer-Generated Financial Records

Financial records may be kept on a computer, or be web-based such as PTAEZ, providing PTA procedures are followed and a monthly printed record is kept in a permanent binder. The supporting documents for computer-based accounting systems are the same as for manual systems; only the process for recording transactions is different. Sample financial reports are listed as Figures F-1 through F-10 or can be found in the Forms section of the Toolkit. All of the elements in the sample forms must be reflected in any computer-generated report used by the association.

Before using a computer consider the following:

  • The records must be such that the next financial officer will be able to continue with the record-keeping on the same computer program, a compatible computer program, or by hand.
  • The PTA must purchase the financial program to be used, so future financial officers will have access to the program.
  • The association must agree on software used.
  • All ledger registers, check registers, cash disbursements, and other yearlong registers need to be bound together for storage. Refer to the records retention schedule.

In 2010, California State PTA launched PTAEZ – an online accounting software program developed specifically for PTAs. The features and benefits of this program include:

  • Web-based application – accessible through all major web browsers.
  • Multi-User Access – your PTA can offer “view only” access to your records, while the treasurer controls access to general ledger posting.
  • Form 990 Summary – run tax summary reports that greatly simplify the preparation of required tax forms.
  • PTA-Specific Reports – monthly reports, audit information and year-end reports are pre-set and tailored for specific requirements of California PTAs.
  • Low cost – low annual subscription rate based on the types of tax reports required by your PTA.

Go to to view a demo and sign up, or call (877) 944-7798 for more information.

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