Computer-Generated Financial Records

Financial records may be kept on a computer, or be web-based such as MyPTEZ, providing PTA procedures are followed and a backup copy of all electronic records is maintained. It is strongly recommended that a monthly printed record is kept in a permanent binder. The supporting documents for computer-based accounting systems are the same as for manual systems; only the process for recording transactions is different. Sample financial reports are listed as Figures F-1 through F-10 or can be found in the Forms section of the Toolkit. All of the elements in the sample forms must be reflected in any computer-generated report used by the association.

Before using a computer consider the following:

  • The records must be such that the next financial officer will be able to continue with the record-keeping on the same computer program, a compatible computer program, or by hand.
  • The PTA must purchase/license the financial program to be used, so future financial officers will have access to the program.
  • The association must agree on software used.
  • All ledgers, check registers, cash disbursements, and other yearlong registers need to be bound together for storage. Refer to the records retention schedule.
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