Guidelines for Computer Use

Computer-generated financial records must be saved to a backup external storage device (e.g., flash drive, or the most current form of data storage available) containing only PTA financial records whenever updated.

Each report generated must show the title and time period covered.

If an error is discovered prior to presenting a report, it may be corrected at that time.

If an error is discovered after the report/file has been presented, correct it by a journal entry, using the current date, adding an explanation. (If printed copies have been distributed, corrected copies with an explanation must be distributed at the next meeting.)

A hard copy of the electronic register should be printed on a monthly basis and maintained with the treasurer’s records.

Maintain a checkbook register with the current balance at all times. This may be manual or computerized.

In preparing the financial records for financial review, the same procedures are followed as with records kept by hand. Ledgers, reports, deposit slips, bills, minutes, authorizations, and other records are submitted to the financial reviewer, establishing a clear “financial review trail” of the financial transactions of the association.

When financial records are kept on a computer, the following must be added to the permanent records of the PTA:

  • An information sheet listing all financial institution or bank account names and numbers;
  • An information sheet providing the name and version of the software program used including usernames and passwords if applicable; and
  • Backup copies, flash drive(s) (or the most current form of data storage available) of financial files.
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