Job Description for Room Representative

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Key Role – Room Representative

  • Works with teacher(s) and parents/guardians, as a parent contact and liaison, to build stronger family-school partnerships for a classroom or grade level
  • Encourages easy, two-way communication between teacher(s) and parents on what’s happening in the classroom to support student success
  • Collaborates with the teacher(s) to identify how parents can assist with classroom activities
  • Recruits parent volunteers and delegates volunteer assignments for a classroom or grade level
  • Helps to promote PTA goals, membership and activities on campus

Getting Started

  • Preparation – Talk to the Room Representative from last year about what worked well in working with teacher(s) and parents. Review his/her procedure book and other materials to better understand the scope of your new position. Learn more about your role and school policies related to parent involvement at a meeting organized by the Room Representative Coordinator at your school.
  • Meet with Teacher(s) – Get together with the teacher(s) to talk about the various ways and options available for parents to assist with classroom activities, field trips and celebrations for the upcoming year. Develop a list together of volunteer opportunities to share with parents.

How Tos

  • Contacts – Create a list of parents’/guardians’ names and contact information. Work with the teacher(s) to obtain this information for PTA use only and remember to keep it confidential.
  • Welcome – Develop and implement an inclusive outreach plan to introduce yourself, welcome parents in home languages and provide a general overview of why parent involvement matters at your school.
  • Survey – Distribute a volunteer survey, listing volunteer opportunities, to parents/guardians to share their availability, skills and interests with you and to sign up for classroom activities. Offer a range of volunteer options with different amounts of time and commitment to encourage inclusion and to respect parents’ work schedules.
  • Delegate – Assign volunteer jobs and maintain a database of parents’ interests, skills and availability as volunteers to use throughout the school year.
  • Connect – Communicate regularly with parents using multiple pathways – emails, phone calls, text messaging, websites and social media as well as newsletters and backpack express – to keep families in the loop on upcoming class or grade level activities and to grow family-school partnerships for student success.

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