Involving Students

Student involvement is the active inclusion and effective participation of students of all ages in the work of the PTA/PTSA association. California State PTA encourages and promotes full student participation in PTA/PTSA leadership, planning, events, and programs.

Student Involvement Committee

The formation of a student involvement committee with student and adult members generates and sustains the active participation of student members. The work of the committee includes:

  • Surveying students and the school community to determine what type of activities would encourage more student involvement, and to determine student needs and concerns.
  • Developing a plan and calendar based on survey results for activities, events and programs that meet students’ needs and foster more student involvement.
  • Allowing students to have an active voice by seeking input and feedback from all students.
  • Partnering with school clubs, PTAs or community organizations to co-sponsor events, programs or activities of interest and relevance to students.

Students Membership Rights and Responsibilities

Students, upon payment of full membership dues, have all membership privileges and responsibilities. A student may serve in any PTA/PTSA office. All officers, adults and students alike, must perform duties of the office as outlined in the bylaws.

Financial Procedures for Student Leaders

  • Checking Accounts – Students may be signatories on the PTA/PTSA account as long as they have been approved as one of the signatures by the association and it has been noted in the minutes of the association.
  • Contracts or Binding Procedures – All contracts or binding commitments of the association must always be approved and voted on by the association in accordance with PTA policy. If a student under the age of 18 is a signer, the other signer must be an adult. (see Contracts)

Revising Bylaws to Change to a PTSA

  • Bylaws – When the bylaws are changed making the unit a PTSA, provision should be made for at least one position on the executive board to be filled by a student.
  • Dues Structure – If a PTA/PTSA plans to have a separate dues structure for students, the dues amount must include the per capita amounts required to be sent through channels to the council, if in council, district PTA, California State PTA and National PTA.
  • Nominating Procedures – For PTSAs, at least one student should serve as a member of the nominating committee elected at an association meeting. When considering a person for any office, it is always best to make sure the person understands all of the duties of the position.
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