Acknowledging Service and Honoring Presidents

In addition to the HSA, other PTA pins may be given to represent an individual’s pledge of service and protection to children and youth. Members, by wearing this emblem, indicate that they have a share in this service.

California State PTA uses a basic design for the pins, to be worn as indicated:

  • The membership pin may be worn by members;
  • The president’s pin with the name of the unit, council or district PTA engraved across the bar is a symbol of the office and is worn by the president during the term of office and given to the succeeding president;
  • The unit past president’s pin with one acorn may be worn by past presidents; The council past president’s pin with two acorns may be worn by past presidents of councils;
  • The district PTA past president’s pin with three acorns may be worn by district PTA past presidents upon completion of the term of office.

Past president pins should be engraved with the unit/council/district PTA on the bar, and the years of service and their initials on the back of the emblem.

Presidents must have served half of the elected term of office to be eligible for a past president’s pin, except in the case of a first president of a new organization.

Additional acorns are never added for serving more than one term at the same unit, council or district PTA, nor as president of more than one unit, council or district PTA. Separate pins should be provided from each unit, council or district PTA served.

It is appropriate to wear the PTA emblem whenever one is representing the organization or serving it. It is the responsibility of individuals to determine when, where and how many pins should be worn.

Pins may be purchased through California State PTA.

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