Early Childhood Education Counts

High quality early learning experiences help a child get ready to learn and succeed later in school. As research indicates, they have a positive impact on school readiness, learning outcomes and student achievement from preschool to high school.

Children who attend quality preschool are better prepared for kindergarten, behave better in class, have higher math and reading skills, and are more likely to graduate from high school and go to college.

A quality preschool provides the opportunity for children to learn and enhance a range of new social and developmental assets including how to:

  • Interact, engage and socialize with peers and teachers
  • Pay attention, follow directions and finish tasks
  • Develop large and small muscles as well as gross and fine motor skills
  • Practice new skills by him or herself and be persistent when learning something new
  • Build a strong foundation in cognitive skills such as pre-reading and early math

Acquiring these important assets and skills at preschool significantly benefits a child’s school readiness and later success in school.

Take Action:
For tips and activities to support a young child’s growth and development, go to the First 5 California website

For preschools in your area, explore the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network website

To learn more about Early Head Start and Head Start Programs, visit: www.prekkid.org

For information on why and how early childhood education matters, check out the Early Edge California website

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