Bylaws for PTAs in California

Bylaws are designed to help the group function in an orderly manner. The president shall assure that a copy of Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units and California State PTA Bylaws is provided to all officers and board members at the beginning of the term of office. Each member is responsible for making a thorough study of them. A copy of the bylaws must be made available to any member of the association upon request. Do not post PTA bylaws on any website.

If a unit cannot locate the bylaws, a committee should be appointed by the president and chaired by the parliamentarian. Standard bylaws should be obtained from the state office for a nominal fee. Standard bylaws are pre-printed and provide blank spaces to fill in according to a unit’s needs and must be used. Computer printouts or retyped bylaws will not be accepted.

Changing Bylaws
Standing Rules
Conflict Management
Controversial Issues in Association Meetings
Violations of PTA Bylaws, Policies, or Procedures

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