State Convention

The California State PTA Convention is held annually for certain business transactions. It is also an opportunity to provide training in many areas of interest to our members, and provide a forum for attendees to speak directly with exhibitors who may be of assistance to our associations.

Delegates to convention determine the direction of the state association through:

  • Electing officers;
  • Approving amendments to the California State PTA Bylaws;
  • Voting on the California State PTA Legislation Platform and the California State PTA Legislation Policies and Procedures; and
  • Adopting resolutions.


According to the California State PTA Bylaws, each association in good standing is represented at the California State PTA Convention by the president-elect or president and all other elected delegates to which the association is entitled, as well as elected delegates representing the council and district PTAs.

Planning for convention and providing an opportunity for delegates to attend is a priority. The California State PTA strongly encourages its unit, council, and district PTAs to budget for and send as many delegates as entitled to each annual convention. Convention is an authorized expense to cover registration, housing, meal allowance, and transportation for each delegate. Convention expenses should be a line item in the unit, council, and district PTA annual budgets (Budget; Recommended Budget Line Items).


Representation at the convention is outlined in the California State PTA Bylaws, Article XV, Section 5.


The CALL (invitation) to convention must be mailed by the California State PTA at least 30 days prior to the convention.


Registration fees help defray convention expenses. Registration fees are non-refundable; name transfers may be made if the original registrant has not checked in for convention.

Nonvoting registrants include PTA members who are not elected delegates, school personnel, school board members, and/or representatives of allied agencies. Nonvoting registrants will receive convention materials and may attend all meetings, conferences, and workshops; however, they may not introduce motions, participate in debate, vote or speak during general sessions.

Registration is performed online. Notifications will be mailed out to all units providing the web address and relevant dates for registering. Confirmation letters and additional information will be mailed or emailed to each person registering.

For additional information on registration, contact the California State PTA Registration Chairman at or 916.440.1985 ext. 321

For additional information, contact the California State PTA Vice President for Convention at or 916.440.1985 ext. 332

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