Committee Member Selection

The president appoints the chairman and members of all committees, with the exception of the nominating committee. All appointments are subject to ratification by the executive board. The president should seek recommendations from the chairmen. Committees should be representative of the membership and include students at the secondary level, if possible. The president is an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

The nominating committee is elected by the membership (Nominations and Elections).

Considerations for Member Selection
Do they have a special interest in the subject?
Do they have the background needed to address the issue?
Will they attend committee meetings and make a positive contribution?
Do they have access to special resources?
Would serving on the committee enhance their skills?
Would student input be appropriate and helpful?
Do they represent the needs of a diverse membership?
Are the members representative of the community?

The principal can be a valuable resource on a variety of issues and may be asked to serve in an advisory capacity on any committee.

Guidelines for Chairmen

The president should provide the chairmen with their respective job descriptions as soon as possible. The job descriptions for all recommended chairmen can be found under the Job Descriptions.

Committee Development and Guidelines
Committee Member Selection
Committee Meetings
Responsibilities of Officers and Chairman

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