Procedure Book

Because of regular changes in leadership and volunteer personnel, each officer and chairman must have a process to transfer relevant information to ensure continuity and progress. All material belonging to the office or chairman, should be delivered promptly to one’s successor.

This relevant information should include all materials needed to accomplish the work of the office or chairmanship, plus any additional information that a new volunteer would find helpful.

These materials may be kept in a loose leaf binder, on a flash drive, or any electronic storage medium.

These materials should include:

  1. Information regarding:
    –   Name of office or chairmanship;
    –   Name of association, council (if in council) and district PTA;
    –   Previous officer/chairman and dates served; and
    –   This statement: “This procedure book belongs to the PTA unit and not the individual.”
  2. Job description including the summary included in the California State PTA Toolkit for the specific position (if applicable) (Recommended Officers; Committee Development and Guidelines and Officer and Chairman Job Descriptions in the California State PTA Toolkit).
  3. Current bylaws and standing rules.
  4. Agendas and minutes.
  5. Finance section that includes budget, financial reports, and audit report.
  6. Calendar of events and/or responsibilities for each month.
  7. Reports from current and previous officers/chairmen.
  8. Information from conferences, workshops, and correspondence.
  9. Newsletters and other unit communications.
  10. Executive board roster.

These materials are not personal property.

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