Procedure Book

Each officer and chairperson is responsible for providing information and materials to pass on to his/her successor at the end of the term. Supplying these resources helps ensure that a PTA can continue to thrive as an organization.

When organized and collated, all material related to a PTA office or committee is known as a Procedure Book. It contains items and details to paint a picture on the scope of the position, how work was done and what was achieved during the year.

These materials may be kept and passed on in a binder, on a flash drive, or as electronic files stored on the cloud to access and download.

Procedure books are labeled with the PTA position or committee name; the name of the unit, council, if in council, and PTA district; and, a list of previous officers/chairpersons with the dates served and contact information.

They should also contain the following statement:

“This procedure book is the property of _________ [name of unit] and is to be given to the incoming officer/chairperson at the end of the term.”

To start the year right, a Procedure Book contains:

  1. Executive board roster
  2. Job description (See: California State PTA Toolkit, Job Descriptions)
  3. Current Unit Bylaws and Standing Rules
  4. Agendas and Minutes from meetings
  5. PTA calendar of events and/or monthly duties
  6. Budget and financial information
  7. Officer/Chairperson Reports
  8. Information from conferences and workshops
  9. Relevant communications and newsletters
  10. Contact information for community and business partners

Providing a summary of what worked best and suggesting ways to make it even better are also useful items to add to a Procedure Book for your successor.

Please Note: Procedure Books belong to a PTA and are not to be regarded as the personal property of individual volunteers.

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