Recommended Officers and Chairpersons

All PTAs are required to have a president, secretary, and treasurer as a nonprofit organization. While the number and titles of officers may vary at the unit, council, and district levels, all officers are listed in the Bylaws for your PTA.

Recommended Officers
Vice President(s)
Financial Secretary
Corresponding Secretary

Job Descriptions for Officers and Chairpersons

To maintain continuity in running a PTA, the president ensures that board members receive the relevant materials, job guidelines and Procedure Books for their respective positions before the start of the new PTA year.

Information, tips and strategies for handling board positions are available in the ‘Job Descriptions’ for Officers and Chairpersons in the California State PTA Toolkit, Job Descriptions Chapter.

These Job Descriptions were developed by California State PTA to be used and relied on by unit, council and district PTAs. They are meant to assist board members in carrying out their duties throughout the term.

The list includes more specifics on the scope of the positions including ones for the required president, secretary and treasurer as well as more than thirty other positions.

PTAs are also encouraged to develop their own checklists for routine tasks and activities carried out by board members for their positions. These are prepared by outgoing officers and chairpersons to share with their successors.

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