Preparation for a Financial Reivew

Collect all financial books, records and reports from the treasurer, including:

  • A copy of the last financial review report;
  • Current bylaws and standing rules;
  • Originals of checkbook register, whether handwritten or computer generated, and canceled checks (including voided checks);
  • Originals of bank statements, bank book for each bank or savings account;
  • Deposits and supporting documents for the cash receipts;
  • Authorizations for payment with attached receipts;
  • Itemized statements and receipts of bills paid;
  • Monthly Treasurer’s Reports;
  • Original treasurer’s books/ledgers including back-up files (external storage device) if books are kept on a computer;
  • Financial Report by category for the period of the financial review with or without budget comparison;
  • Copies of board, executive committee and association minutes, including an adopted budget, any amendments that were approved during the year, approval of expenditures, and ratification of payments;
  • Committee reports from chairmen (e.g., fundraising, membership, etc.);
  • Any other information requested by the financial reviewer;
  • Copy of PTA-required Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report form;
  • Copies of all required state and federal report forms if PTA hires employee(s);
  • Copies of all required federal report forms if PTA hires independent contractor(s);
  • Copies of the most recently filed IRS Form 990;
  • Copies of the applicable State Form 199 and RRF-1 and CT-TR-1 form if applicable.
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